Tumbling Classes

For boys and girls ages 5 and up

Our program is based on USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Developmental Program. There are ten Junior Olympic levels, which are the basis of our Tumbling curriculum.

Tumbling as a competitive sport, is characterized by continuous speedy, complex, rhythmic skills, which are performed hands to feet, feet to hands, and feet to feet on a 25 m. long dynamic track. Tumbling is a highly spectacular sport in which a perfect combination of speed, rhythm and somersaulting and twisting movements are performed.

At the developmental level, skills are introduced with the aid of Trampoline, Tumble tramp, Double Mini, pits and various apparatus. Tumbling develops coordination, flexibility and strength. All levels start with the basic shapes and positions required for higher skill attainment. Drills and stations have been developed to break down the skills, so that athletes feel a sense of accomplishment in achieving the higher skills. Correct basics are a necessity in developing the readiness for the higher level skills.

At NGTC, we have the advantage of having in ground trampolines, tumble tramps, and overhead spotting systems for the safety of our athletes. Our coaches are trained and certified in the teaching of the skills of the Tumbling Program. We place safety first, while desiring to help each athlete work to their optimal ability. Our curriculum is designed to help our Tumblers accomplish their goals.